28th June 1838 – Diary Entry – The Coronation Of Queen Victoria

An extract from Queen Victoria’s Diary, 28th of June 1832

…At 10, I got into the State Coach with the Duchess of Sutherland & Lord Albemarle and we began our Progress. It was a fine day, & the crowds of people exceeded what I have ever seen, being even much greater than when I went to the City. There were millions of my loyal subjects, assembled in every spot, to witness the Procession. Their good humour & excessive loyalty was beyond everything. I really cannot say how proud I felt to be the Queen of such a nation. I was alarmed at times for fear the people would be crushed, in consequence of the tremendous rush & pressure. Reached the Abbey a little after ½ past 11, amidst deafening cheers. First went into a robing room, quite close to the entrance, where I met my 8 Train Bearers: Lady Caroline Lennox, Lady Adelaide Paget, Lady Mary Talbot, Lady Fanny Cowper, Lady Wilhelmina Stanhope, Lady Anne Fitzwilliam, Lady Mary Grimston, and Lady Louisa Jenkinson, all dressed alike & beautifully, in white satin, & silver tissue, with wreaths of silver wheat ears on the front of their hair & small ones of pink roses round the plait, behind. There were also trimmings of pink roses on the dresses. After putting on my Mantle, the young Ladies having properly got hold of it, & Lord Conyngham holding the ending of it, I left the Robing Room & the Procession started. The sight was splendid, the tiers of Peeresses, in their Robes, – quite beautiful, & the Peers on the opposite side. My young Train Bearers were always near me & helped me whenever I wanted anything. The Bishop of Durham stood on my one side, but never could tell me what was to take place. At the beginning of the Anthem, I retired with my Ladies & Train Bearers, into St. Edward’s Chapel, a small dark place, immediately behind the altar, took off my crimson Robe and Kirtle, & put on the Super Tunica of cloth of gold, also in the shape of a Kirtle, which went over a singular sort of little surplice of very fine linen trimmed with lace. I took off my Circlet of diamonds & proceeded bare headed, to the place before the altar, where I took my seat on St Edward’s Chair, & the Dalmatic Robe was clasped around me by the Lord Great Chamberlain. There followed all the various ceremonies, ending by the Crown being placed on my head, which I must own was the most beautiful, impressive moment. All the Peers & Peeresses put on their coronets, at the same instant. My excellent Lord Melbourne, who stood very close to me throughout the whole ceremony was quite overcome at this moment, & gave me such a kind, & I may say, fatherly look. The shouts, which were very great, the drums, the trumpets, the firing of the guns, – all at the same moment, rendered the spectacle most imposing…

Source – Queen Victoria’s Scrapbook Website


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