May 1829 – Victoria’s Letters – Feodora to Victoria

An extract from a birthday letter to the 10-year-old Victoria from her beloved half sister Feodora, who had a year before moved from England to Germany to marry Ernest, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

…If I had wings and could fly like a bird, I should fly in at your window like the little robin to-day, and wish you many happy returns of the 24th and tell you how I love you, dearest sister, and how often I think of you and long to see you. I think if I were at once with you again I could not leave you so soon. I should wish to stay with you, and what would poor Ernest say if I were to leave him so long? He would perhaps try to fly after me, but I fear he could not get far; he is rather tall and heavy for flying. so do you see I have nothing left to do but to write to you, and wish you in this way all possible happiness and joy for this and many, many years to come. I hope you will spend a very merry birthday. how I wish to be with you, dearest Victorie, on that day!…

Source – Victoria’s letters, 2016
Featured Image – Princess Feodora


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