The Princess Royal’s Wedding photograph

Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and The Princess Royal, Victoria pose in the outfits they wore to the princesses wedding on the 25th January 1858. This picture was actually taken a few days prior to the wedding in preparation. The figure of Queen Victoria is blurred because she moved during the exposure period.


Prince Arthur’s Birthday 1871

An awkward family portrait – Prince Arthur poses with his mother, Queen Victoria, on his 21st birthday, 1871.

Royal Collection

Note – This post originally said that this was Prince Alfred – It is actually Prince Arthur.

Queen Victoria’s Wedding Veil – Photograph

Amazing photograph of Queen Victoria’s wedding veil and preserved wreath of orange blossom flowers, worn by Victoria during her wedding ceremony to Prince Albert on the 10th February 1840. This photograph is amazing because Victoria was buried wearing the veil, so it hasn’t been seen for over a century.

Royal Collection

Queen Victoria’s Wedding Bonnet

Queen Victoria’s ‘White bonnet trimmed with orange flowers’ that she wore on her wedding day, with a white silk gown she had changed into after the wedding breakfast, as she travelled to Windsor Castle from Buckingham palace. You may have seen the bonnet recreated in the TV show Victoria on Jenna Coleman (see below) . Since this photograph is Victorian and I’ve found no record of the bonnet since then I can only assume it hasn’t survived.

Royal Collection

Queen Victoria And Her First Four Children – Photograph

A less formal Royal portrait. Queen Victoria wearing a simple tartan shawl poses for an informal family photograph with her four eldest children, (left to right) Prince Albert Edward, Princess Victoria, Princess Alice and Prince Alfred. Dated 8th February 1854.

Queen Victoria – Winterhalter – 1843

Prince Albert’s ‘favourite picture’ of Queen Victoria, 1843 by Winterhalter. In her diary, Victoria wrote about this ‘secret picture’ she was having painted for Albert’s 24th birthday as a surprise. On the big day, she recorded that-

‘he thought it so like, & so beautifully painted. I felt so happy & proud to have found something that gave him so much pleasure’

The painting was then hung in Prince Albert’s Writing Room at Windsor Castle, deep within their private apartments. Today the painting resides at Kensington Palace, where Victoria was born, grew up and meet Albert.

One thing I would like to note about this painting is that although the central focus here is Victoria and she is dressed very simply, she is wearing a heart-shaped pendant. This is likely her glass, heart-shaped locket that contained a lock of Albert’s hair, which she was supposed to have worn ‘day and night’ before her marriage to Albert. It’s nice to see this little homage in a painting for his eye’s only.

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